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Bruce M. Margolin

Bruce M. Margolin — Leading California Criminal Defense Attorney

His firm, The Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin, Esq., began in 1967. Initially, Margolin dedicated his practice to helping individuals fight marijuana charges, which were quite serious at the time, even for minor offenses. He supports the legalization of marijuana and is actively involved in the fight for legislative reform regarding marijuana laws. He continues to participate in organizations that work toward progression of drug laws.

Over the years, Margolin’s practice continued to expand to what it is now — a highly effective and successful defense firm offering a comprehensive list of criminal defense services. He handles all criminal cases, including drug charges, DUI/DWI, murder, other violent crimes, sex crimes, theft offenses and Internet crimes.

From marijuana to murder, Bruce M. Margolin is a criminal defense attorney well known for his ability to successfully defend people charged with all criminal offenses.

Mr. Margolin has served as Chairman for the Ethics Committee for the N.A.C.D.L. (National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers). He was awarded the certificate of appreciation form the A.C.L.U. (American Civil Liberties Union) as well as received honors for his work on behalf of the Constitution rights Foundation.

Since 1973 he has been Director of Los Angeles National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana (LA NORML), and was also an advisor for Proposition 215 (Californians For Compassionate Use) and served as legal counsel for The California Hemp Initiative.

As a candidate for Governor of California in 2003, and US Congress in 2012 he has helped establish the credibility of Marijuana legalization policies.

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