Los Angeles County Board Supervisor
Kathryn Barger

I am running to be your County Supervisor because I care about our community and understand firsthand how important county government is to the lives of those living in the Fifth District. Kathryn Barger
kathryn barger

In the November 2016 Election, Kathryn Barger will be running for Supervisor in Los Angeles County’s Fifth District. The current Supervisor, Mike Antonovich, is retiring because of term limits.

Kathryn Barger is the only candidate for County Supervisor who was born, raised, and is a lifelong resident of the Fifth District. After earning a BA in Communications from Ohio Wesleyan University, Kathryn began her career working in the private sector. Her interests in public service led her to return home where she went to work for Mike Antonovich. For the past 15 years, Kathryn has been Chief Deputy Supervisor where she manages the Supervisor’s Office and serves as the official liaison with community and local business groups. She has strong ties to them, knows their problems and delivers results. Kathryn is also an expert on healthcare, mental health and children’s issues because of her work with Supervisor Antonovich. He has encouraged her to run and endorsed her candidacy for Supervisor.

Fiscally Responsible

As Chief Deputy Supervisor, Kathryn strives to make government more efficient by reducing burdensome bureaucracy and regulation. She will continue that tradition of fiscally responsible county governance, holding down spending and taxes while investing in critical services like public safety, economic development, and transportation.

Commitment to Safety

Kathryn is committed to keeping our neighborhoods and communities safe. She helped implement Megan’s Law to ensure all residents have information about sex offenders in their neighborhoods. The wife of a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, her anti-crime platform, which advocates for more local patrols and body cameras for officers, has earned her the endorsement of the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the Los Angeles County Firefighters and the support of three former LA District Attorneys – Steve Cooley, Gil Garcetti, and Bob Philibosian.

Kathryn’s years of service to the LA Board of Supervisors has included a multitude of initiatives to help families and children that provide or expand vital mental health and public health services, housing resources for foster care youth, and anti-fraud policy changes that protect welfare recipient and taxpayer.

Problem Solver

Kathryn Barger is a recognized problem solver. Her record of service has won her bi-partisan support from leaders throughout the Fifth District and Los Angeles County, including Republican Supervisor Antonovich and Democratic Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

Kathryn Barger is uniquely prepared to serve the Fifth District and you.

Kathryn has served the greater Los Angeles community on numerous Boards and Committees, including the Union Station Homeless Services Board; Grand Avenue Park Advisory Board; Los Angeles County Mental Health Commission; Angeles Forest Monument Designation Collaborative Committee; Hillsides youth and family services organization; and Junior League. She has also spent countless hours volunteering for local community events and initiatives such as Five Acres Child and Family Agency.

During her nearly three decades of service to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Kathryn has promoted numerous initiatives to better serve the residents of Los Angeles County and the 5th Supervisorial District, including:

    • Implementation of “Megan’s Law”, to ensure that all residents of Los Angeles County have access to information about registered sex offenders;
    • Providing vital mental health, public health and housing resources to Foster youth seeking education and self-sufficiency;
    • Diverting individuals with non-violent drug offenses and chronic substance abuse disorders to treatment, not jail;
    • Spearheading anti-fraud policy changes for welfare recipients applying for General Relief benefits;
    • Supporting families of the chronically mentally ill, including expansion of programs and services made available by the “Mental Health Services Act.”;
    • Implementing Life-saving program (“Laura’s Law”) requiring mentally ill individuals to continue with needed treatment to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations;
    • Revamping Social service programs to conform with President Clinton’s Welfare Reform;
    • Helped develop a Countywide restaurant grading system to inform patrons of the health standards at local eateries;
    • Developing Mental Evaluation Team that joins Mental Health experts with Sheriff’s Deputies to better address the needs of the mentally ill when they interact with law enforcement;
    • Development of Social Security Benefits application process for incarcerated mentally ill, preventing homelessness among the mentally ill;
    • Restructuring Health Services/funding during 1995 crisis from inpatient-based reimbursement to outpatient access/treatment.