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2016 Election Updates

  • Carson – Measure KK – imposing taxes of $25 / sq ft on marijuana cultivators and 18% of gross proceeds on all marijuana business activities, if such activities and cultivation are permitted in the future
  • Long Beach – Measure MA – imposing a tax on gross receipts of 6-8% for medical marijuana dispensaries, 10-12% for non medical dispensaries, and 6-8 % on marijuana manufacturers, and a tax of $12 to $15 / sq ft for marijuana cultivation
  • Long Beach – Measure MM – in favor of permitting marijuana businesses, including dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers, to operate within Long Beach, and imposing taxes of 6% of gross receipts on dispensaries, $10 / sq ft on cultivators, and $1000 per year on all other marijuana businesses

Los Angeles County Updates

The County Code states : medical marijuana dispensaries are prohibited.

**Please see individual cities for their more in-depth and specific updates.