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Bruce Margolin - Director, LANORML
The Los Angeles Chapter of NORML

The decriminaliztion of marijuana and the right to use medical marijuana is a cause that is at the center of Bruce M. Margolin's legal practice. For over 30 years, Mr. Margolin has defended the rights of his clients while working to reform those laws that he believes to be unjust. In 1999, he was selected by one of the largest and most prestigious bar associations in the country as the Century City Bar Association’s Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year. He has served as the co-chairman of the ethics committee for the NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers). He is also the Director LANORML, the Los Angeles chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). He's served as an advisor and helped author the California Prop 215 Medical Marijuana Initiative. Elected to the State of California Democratic Committee after winning the Democratic primary for state assembly, he has been awarded the Certificate of Appreciation from the ACLU and has received Honorary Teacher Credentials from the Los Angeles School District for his participation in the ”Lawyer in the Classroom Program” on behalf of the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

In his career, Mr. Margolin has successfully defended thousands of client – including such notables as Dr. Timothy Leary – in all types of criminal cases from marijuana to murder. Mr. Margolin was most recently in the news when he ran for governor of the state of California in the 2003 Recall election. His platform was in part based on the premise that California could solve all of it's budget problems (and a few of their other problems, too) simply by ending the prohibition on cannabis. He believes that marijuana could and should be legalized and its sale taxed.

Bruce Margolin has been working to reform marijuana laws since the beginning of his career when he saw firsthand that decent law abiding people were being locked up with real criminals for doing something that was quite harmless. Mr. Margolin does not promote the use of marijuana, but he is a very strong advocate for the end of these prohibition laws.

Mr. Margolin is licensed in California, U.S. Federal Courts, and in other jurisdictions on an Ad Hoc Vice basis.

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