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Welcome to the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Website

LANORML – led by the nation’s foremost attorney on marijuana laws, Bruce M. Margolin – provides the NORML movement with a Los Angeles voice, strength, vision, and connection to Los Angeles County residents who oppose marijuana prohibition and favor an end to the practice of arresting marijuana users.

LANORML is a community-driven, conscious-minded, local voice for those Angelinos who look to combat marijuana prohibition. We represent the interests of countless Los Angeles County residents who utilize cannabis responsibly and have educated themselves as to the many significant uses for which our society should no longer tolerate the intolerance of those who refuse to understand the benefits of responsible Cannabis use.

LANORML supports and advocates both the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. Decriminalization - a model recommended to Congress by President Nixon's esteemed Shafer Commission in 1972, would remove all criminal penalties for private possession, cultivation, responsible use by adults, and casual nonprofit transfers since not all of us were born with a “green thumb.” Alternatively, we envision the time when the development of a legally controlled market for marijuana, where consumers could purchase it from a safe, legal and regulated source. This model is referred to as legalization. LANORML has advocated the legal use of medicinal marijuana since 1973.

LANORML believes in “Using Cannabis Responsibly” – In part, this means that children must have time to grow, mature, develop, and reach the age and level of maturity required to make adult decisions. To partake or to abstain is a decision that should be made by one with adequate knowledge and an adults’ capacity. Driving or operating heavy machinery while impaired should be prohibited. Safety offers a longer, more rewarding life.

Cannabis heals! LANORML fervently supports the right of patients to use medicinal marijuana when a qualified physician has recommended it to relieve both physical and emotional ailments. Its medicinal value has been scientifically proven and reliably recorded.

LANORML recognizes that the United States Constitution protects one’s free exercise of religion. Thus, this chapter understands that for centuries, many groups have utilized marijuana and its derivatives in both spiritual and religious practices as a springboard to enlightenment.

LANORML supports and will continue to advocate legalization of Cannabis in support of the farmers’ right to commercially cultivate the non-psychoactive strain of cannabis, known as hemp, for industrial purposes, such as food and fiber production. Allowing farmers to forego federal licensing practices, offering hemp to industries that could efficiently create over 25,000 different products is in line with the earth-conscious society that LANORML helps promote.

Marijuana should NOT be stigmatized nor criminalized any longer! Adults should enjoy the fundamental right to enjoy responsible, recreational use of Cannabis, to benefit from those previously discovered uses, as well as all of the undiscovered benefits still on the horizon. A mature society must have the right to make its own educated decisions. LANORML will lead the way in southern California and we invite your presence, friendship, talent, and support.

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Marijuana is illegal under federal law and medical marijuana is not recognized under federal law. Even though California state law recognizes medical marijuana, the list of clinics, physicians, and patient groups found on this website is for information ONLY and LANORML does not, in any way, recommend or verify the legitimacy or the activities of any clinics, physicians. patient groups listed herein.
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We do not endorse any clubs, compassionate centers, mail order facilities, etc... and in no way are we responsible for the actions of any these groups, nor do we suggest or otherwise represent that they are acting legally under the law. We have not investigated backgrounds, methods of operations, or any other facet of their facilities or activities. Any contact that you may wish to make with them is at your own risk.