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LA NORML Newsletter


The conversation continues…

Now, please check out the newest information regarding proposed changes and the conversations surrounding it.

Federal Legislative Update

Nov 2016 Election Results
View all Election Results here

  • Donald Trump won the Presidential election
  • Kamala D Harris won the US Senate
  • Republicans maintain majority of House of Representatives
  • Republications maintain majority of Senate


LA Legislative Update

Nov 2016 Election Results
View all LA County election results here

Passed LA County Election Results…

  • Measure KK – Carson – imposing taxes of $25 / sq ft on marijuana cultivators and 18% of gross proceeds on all marijuana business activities, if such activities and cultivation are permitted in the future
  • Measure MA – Long Beach – imposing a tax on gross receipts of 6-8% for medical marijuana dispensaries, 10-12% for non medical dispensaries, and 6-8 % on marijuana manufacturers, and a tax of $12 to $15 / sq ft for marijuana cultivation
  • Measure MM – Long Beach – in favor of permitting marijuana businesses, including dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers, to operate within Long Beach, and imposing taxes of 6% of gross receipts on dispensaries, $10 / sq ft on cultivators, and $1000 per year on all other marijuana businesses

Elected LA County Officials…

  • Janice Hahn won Board of Supervisors, D4
  • Kathryn Barger won Board of Supervisors, D5

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The Margolin Guide to California State and United States Federal Marijuana Laws
CENTA – Cannabis Extractors National Trade Association Concentrate Facility Guidelines


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